Php Class mailer

Sending E-mail in PHP (native php function)


PHP-Mail_lib sending E-mail in PHP (native php function) this class has the following features:

- Each email feature can be easily set via class functions by switching to string or array functions
- bcc(Copy Hidden Knowledge) 
- cc(Copy Knowledge) 
- reply-to(possibility to set a recipient different from the sender) 
- Possibility to manage the multi attachment 
- management of 90% of existing mime-Type 
- Content managementtype for any class managed mode (text, single attachment, multi attachment)
- Possibility to customize the sender of the mail 
- Possibility to add custom header to the object declaration 
- Custom management of the error in the extended class (in Mail_Exception.php) 
- Control of every parameter entered each time you call a function and its error management through the boolean (if error) or return of the previously passed variable (if successful)